Modernized your wordpress website's section with Next Section scroll

Next Section Scroll

Next section Scroll will add an extra-dimension to your websites. When you have a long page with plenty of section, you don't need to go trough the whole page from top to bottom. What you have to do is that just scroll your mouse then every single section of your website will appear to your eyes one by one. And that is the specialty of our Next Section scroll feature.

Next Scrolling Control

First of all, edit your page with Elementor for page settings. Then click on the settings of the editor's bottom bar. After that, just enable Next Section Scroll settings then you will get several options to select or set. For example, direction (vertical/horizontal), animation speeds, easing, looping, navigation, and menu selector. Secondly, you need to navigate to the edit section where you will have the Next Scroll Data option. after enabling the display you have to set section name and id over there. If needed, you are also able to give a background color over the section.

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